Investing in a Bright Future

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation is a technology-based holding firm focused on creating and acquiring the proper companies to lay a new foundation for a renewable energy powered launch to space system.

Company concept has been shaped / reshaped to fit current industry and public needs for the last 10 years.  The parent entity was recently formed and is currently raising capital.

The early stage investors will be purchasing the largest share for the lowest amount at this early stage and will likely have numerous opportunities to exit as the company continually grows, reaches specific benchmarks and milestones while raising follow-on capitalization.  

The Space Sector is expanding at a rapid pace and Launch Tech Holdings Corporation has designed a system to capitalize on the expected growth rates. A panel session June 26 at the Space Frontier Foundation’s New Space 2018 conference noted that several reports in the last year by investment banks predicted that the global space economy, currently valued at about $350 billion, this valuation could grow to $1 trillion or more in the 2040s. Morgan Stanley reported in 2019 that the biggest boom in space exploration has been satellite placement and distribution. They predict a $1.1 Trillion Space Market by 2040 with a Bull case of $1.7 Trillion. (Adam Jonas- Morgan Stanley)

Value Proposition

  • COVID-19 Compliant, Essential Employment
  • Solar Module Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy Farms
  • Train an essential workforce to manufacture, install and maintain Solar Panels.
  • Establish a Solar Electrical Generation capability in the South West U.S.A that will supply an area in need of locally generated power.
  • Feed the Grid with consistent 24/7/365 renewable energy and eventually provide electrical power supporting a Space Launch System
  • Space Delivery Services
  • Electromagnetic  (EML) based sustainable energy sourced launch system
  • Can deliver up to 2,000 unmanned space destined payload launches per year
  • Lunar Colony Resupply
  • Zero Gravity manufacturing
  • Space Mining delivery & Recovery
  • 10 Years of research & Development has resulted in  the following statement of purpose:
  • Launch Tech  will provide small payload space delivery at low cost and environmental impact with high volume
  • Competitive advantage is that the top five competitors are focused on large payloads with traditional launch systems and capabilities

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation will provide the expansion of renewable energy technologies that will protect the environment, reduce the carbon footprint, employ an essential workforce and bring renewable manufacturing capabilities back to the United States of America.

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation has meticulously laid a wide foundation to allow for continuous scalability in multiple sectors, supporting the growth of LTH for generations to come. LTH is a bright future focused organization ready to lead in innovation for the benefit of all humanity.


Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

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