LTH Subsidiary: Launch Tech Energy (LTE)

Initial mission is an advancement of renewable energy systems for both earth-based and space applications through an equipment manufacturing business and renewable power generation; provide resources, resupply and delivery of space exploration, colonization and mining operations; Be the leader in eco-friendly renewable energy powered launch systems for small payload placements to specific sites within our solar system.
Launch Tech Energy 60.13GWh/ annum Future Facility
A renewable farm facility in proximity to a future launch site to cooperate with Launch Tech Space for renewable powered launch capabilities while also serving as a stand-alone revenue stream selling consistent 24/7/365 energy to the Grid with high-tech storage ensuring a consistent power supply and grid security.
The renewable energy subsidiary will have independent revenues selling to the grid with an additional purpose of supporting power to space launch technologies.

Jake Brown, co-founder of Launch Tech Holdings, is a renewable energy expert who helped pioneer solar technology, holds multiple patents, has mastered photo-voltaic systems along with all other renewable energy technologies and is highly skilled in computer programming and experimental robotics. Jake has set up solar fields worldwide and is highly sought after within his industry. He was a key member in developing extensive intellectual property for each company he aligned himself with and as co-owner of Launch Tech Holdings Corporation, expects a greater IP opportunity within this new enterprise. Energy Objectives: 100% renewable energy supply. This will be achieved using solar and wind energy (Phase 1).

Renewable energy includes: solar (PV and thermal), wind, geothermal, hydro, tidal

Future plans for LTE include securing permanent solar installations on the Moon/Mars/other solid extraterrestrial near earth objects (NEO) to ensure we create a permanent energy infrastructure/ grid for all future inhabitants who travel to space creating a safer environment and a more luxurious experience.

  • Design of a scalable 20MW - 1.5GW 24/7/365 renewable energy generation facility
  • Installation of scalable solar fields using qualified installers while establishing a skilled trade training program
  • Sales of 100% renewable electricity to utilities
  • Ensure USA grid security
  • Installation of storage solutions: batteries, mechanical - Stepping away from lithium
    storage solutions and stepping into new advanced storage solutions.
  • Redundant backup generators using renewable fuels to ensure adequate generation
  • 24/7 Centralized Controls and Monitoring facility
  • Operations and Maintenance Teams
  • Installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems
  • Creating & developing Net Zero Energy facilities


1. To expand the use of renewable energy by utilization of energy storage systems- stepping away from the reliance of Lithium based storage
2. To develop new technologies for space-based high energy demanding projects
3. To promote economic development through job creation for skilled workers
4.  Establish training programs for individuals seeking skilled positions within opportunity zones

As we enter the quantum age, creating a renewable energy powered Space Launch system and establishing a permanent extraterrestrial energy infrastructure is the next logical step to reduce the space industries cost, opening up a new world full of innovation, invention, and public interest.


Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

680 E. Colorado Blvd Suite 180
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 479-8505