LTH Subsidiary: Launch Tech Manufacturing (LTM)

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation is ready to implement a vertically integrated, high-tech solar manufacturing facility producing high efficiency “Built in USA” solar cells for the custom or quantity categories within the extraterrestrial and terrestrial markets. Catering to clientele within the space industry and beyond to fulfill their custom or high quantity solar needs is crucial in the coming decade as we venture further into space and our energy consumption grows. Habitats, satellites, space stations, space tourism enterprises, exploratory missions, mining and space defense are in the infancy stages, ready to expand, creating a vital manufacturing gap for Launch Tech Manufacturing (LTM) to fill. Launch Tech Manufacturing has structured the company to follow industry growth and innovate ahead of the curve, providing essential, highly efficient solar cells to each space division as they travel deeper into the unknown.
Our manufacturing operation provides the following benefits:

- Provide “Made in The USA” high efficiency solar panels
- Terrestrial high efficient solar for sensitive projects
- Extraterrestrial solar manufacturing capabilities
- Custom
- Quantity
- Provide scalable manufacturing with 3 shifts
- Creation of significant, essential employment
- The manufacturing facility will be OSHA compliant
- All commercial sold photovoltaic products are UL Listed
- Training, Manufacturing, QA/ QC
- Provide contract work for DOE, DOD, DOI, etc.


Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

680 E. Colorado Blvd Suite 180
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 479-8505