LTH Subsidiary: Launch Tech Space (LTS)

Small payload demand will increase dramatically as the moon is inhabited by countries, agencies, and businesses using it as a space launch and expedition base camp. Launch Tech Space provides the answer through an Eco Friendly, Electromagnetic Space Launch System. Developing this technology will give us the ability to create vast amounts of new IP, retrieve new data / discover new phenomena, place satellites into orbit, supply manufacturing, supply the ISS, Supply missions to the Moon Mars and beyond, development cost effective off planet launch systems and base, deploy autonomous asteroid / planetary mining and retrieval, product testing and many other new highly profitable emerging sectors.

The Electromagnetic Launch Platform allows for a system that can adapt to any mission criteria, including frequent launches for vital life sustaining emergency situations. Each launch will send us closer to LTH’s goal of autonomous mining and pay dirt recovery.


The Trump Administrations successful re-draft of the ‘Artemis Accords’ in 2020 has cleared the way for mining on the Moon and beyond with legal safe zones and designating mining zones. As of this writing; The United States signed the agreement with Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

This new emerging market will forever change the way we collect and distribute precious metals, harvest water for long duration missions and undiscovered elements. With Launch Tech Space’s EML system merged with LTE’s energy solutions and LTM high efficiency solar, we are now able to imagine a viable off Earth shipping method placed on a moon or asteroid mining operation for fast and safe pay dirt recovery.

A successful recovery of 400,000 tons or more of precious metals contained in the smallest and least rich of these metallic NEAs could yield products worth $5.1 trillion (US) at recent market prices. If marketed over 20 years, this would represent a 10‐fold increase over the recent global production rate of all precious metals combined.

Company Vision

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of small payload launch from earth to orbit expanding the use of space and space exploration
  • Feasible solution to support future space economies, including mining, zero g manufacturing and low cost habitat payload delivery.
  • Support all future requirements of the space industry

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation has attracted the best scientists in the world to our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ensure our Launch Systems surpasses all requirements. The technical team will start by providing a 4 Phase technical review including the Identification of Critical Constraints for the Business Application, a Trade Study of Candidate EML Technological Approaches, RDT&E Program Scoping / Preliminary Design and Outside Review.

The Space Sector is expanding at a rapid pace and Launch Tech Holdings Corporation has designed a system to capitalize on the expected growth rates. A panel session June 26 at the Space Frontier Foundation’s New Space 2018 conference noted that several reports in the last year by investment banks predicted that the global space economy, currently valued at about $350 billion, this valuation could grow to $1 trillion or more in the 2040s. Morgan Stanley reported in 2019 that the biggest boom in space exploration has been satellite placement and distribution. They predict a $1.1 Trillion Space Market by 2040 with a Bull case of $1.7 Trillion. (Adam Jonas- Morgan Stanley)


Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

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